Help your patients learn about their kidney stones

The following patient education materials are available for you to download and share with your patients so that they can understand why kidney stones develop, how they are treated, and what they can do to avoid getting them in the future.

Download The ABCs of Medical Management of Stones App

The app guides you through patient screening and evaluation and provides treatment recommendations based on the consensus of the expert physician authors.

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Inside Kidney Stone Disease Video

This video takes the viewer inside the disease in terms of how stones are formed, various types of stones, common obstruction sites, and recurrence.

Kidney Stones Educational Poster

Familiarize your patients with the many different types of kidney stones.

ABCs of Kidney Stones

The objective of this patient brochure is to set forth simple and practical guidelines that your patients can use to minimize their chances of developing another stone.

Available in English and Spanish

Spanish offers patients and physicians informational tools and resources to help prevent kidney stones and guide treatment.


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